about us

studio.flame was started by a group of innovative professionals with backgrounds in Architecture, Information and Communications Technology and Economics, in 2002. Studio Flame is orchestrated as a design and ICT (Information & Communications Technology) solutions firm that is constantly seeking more efficient systems and environments to aid individuals, communities, businesses and institutions. Our approach is double edged. [design + ICT ] We also carry out domain name registration, secure website hosting, and search engine submission.

Why you need a website:
With an online presence, you can display your products and explain your services, to your audience. Your target audience are able to contact your through online forms, forums, social media (facebook, twitter, etc) and you can reply at your convenience, and advertise your company and employment opportunities, and more.
You need a site that will attract and retain visitors, a site that will engage the viewer: a site that speaks back and responds to your viewer's moves...

Accross the global, the major growth trend towards self-employment, individual ventures and home-based businesses has created a need to provide specialized support services. In Africa and Europe, the number of new businesses, institutions and ventures has grown at an unprecedented rate with most of the growth concentrated in urban centers. Businesses and individuals need to adapt and cope with the social economic changes and take advantage of the new opportunities in ICT and online media.