some of our clients

AFRIpads (Netherlands / Uganda).

AFRIpads set out to engage, empower and train women to make reusable sanitary pads... we therefore developed detailed construction details and will oversee the construction of their 1300 square meter workshop and factory in Masaka.

st. johns church (Kamwokya, UG).

In a bid to harmonise and consolidate development, the church is embarking on a masterplan for future development. The mother Church of Uganda also required that places of worship be documented properly.

UWESO - URA offices (uganda).

Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans is a women's organisation that supports care for orphans. We oversawrenovation of one of their prime properties in the city which is let out to Uganda Revenue Authority.

hope for humans (USA / Gulu, UG).

The NGO has a focus on treating the nodding disease syndrome, a plague that disrupted housholds in parts of northern Uganda. We adapted an awarding community center scheme into a children's care center in Kitgum and Gulu

zaana housing development (Kampala, UG).

Located on the outskirts of Kampala, the area of zaana - bunamwaya presents a growing and thriving neighbourhood with surrounding amenities. We are overseeing the construction of housing apartments that will transform the urban fabric.

healing center (Iganga, UG).

Doctors and international partners with a mission to change the face of health care to a more inclusive model, have began setting up in the rural countryside of Eastern Uganda. We are planning the services, infrastructure and hospital complexes.

infectious disease research colllaboration (IDRC).

IDRC had concerns for the structural integrity of certain aspects of their proprty. We carried our structural integrity tests to ascertain the stabilty of some of their buildings.

uganda property holdings (UPH).

UPH,the government of Uganda's property custodian, is on a mission to develop land for economic gain. We are overseeing and masterplanning a detailed plan of industrial parks across the country.

FIC sacco (uganda).

This large member-driven savings society has billions of shillings in investment reserves. Studio flame is overseeing the devt of a 15-acre sustainable living settlement with over 80 plots for home owners.

seroma limited (uganda).

As a leading player in the construction and education sector, seroma required feasibility investigations into the viabilty of industrial developments.