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Moses Golola

Skills: PHP, Html

Date: June 10, 2012

Golola Moses

Moses Golola is a prolific Kick Boxing Champion in Uganda. He has a record of several Knockout wins and off-the-ring projects. He aspires to encourage the sport of Kick boxing in Uganda, and therefore required a website to disseminate information of the sport among the budding fan base and youth.


Skills: PHP, mySQL, Html

Date: July 2018

Uganda Society of Architects

The Society of Architects in Uganda is a coporate body that brings together professionals in the building industry. The society offers a range of services to architects including registration, professional development and networking opportunities. We built this portal for them to reach the members of the society easily and securely.

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Skills: Html

Date: January 2017


ONCEPTI is a new design firm that has set up offices in Kampala. Studio.Flame is supporting their online campaign and developing an online project showcase for them.

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Posh Tours

Skills: HTML, PHP

Date: 2016

Nautila Architecture and Design (NAD)

Nautila Architecture and Design Limited is a professional architectural consulting firm located in Kampala, Uganda with a wide range of planning and architecture experience. They provide expanded architectural design knowledge and technical skills, and commitment to the delivery of an innovative and cost effective design and project management approach.

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Skills: CSS, FLASH, Html

Date: 2013

Youth Forum 4 Change (YC4C)

Youth Forum 4 Change (YC4C) is an NGO that is training a cohort of youth from Uganda using the African Leadership Academy entreprenuerial case study, an approach to help them identify viable, self-sustaining business welfare community projects, funding their start off and overseeing their implementation ...


Skills: mySQL, Html, CSS

Date: 2012/2013

African Youth Union

AYU is youth organisation, bringing together young people from various countries in Africa. AYU has headquarters in South Africa, and has been organising a series of events, conferences and seminars. AYU particularly required an internet solution that allows them to efficiently mobilise the youth, organise events / conferences and disseminate information.

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